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Always Learning Something New

“So, are you going to school?”

I roll my eyes, and answer with slight disdain. “No.”

Without exaggeration, I’d say that I am asked this question about five times a week. I’m not sure why. Do I seem uneducated or needing of some collegiate enlightenment? Maybe the questioners are just curious as to what I’m up to. It bothers be, and I’m unsure why. Maybe it’s because when I say ‘no,’ people seem disappointed.


College is not a magic pill for personal progress. It is not a surefire way to be successful. It is just a path. It can be remarkably beneficial. I have a degree and I plan to get some certifications in the future. College adds a structure and a timetable to the learning process. However, college was not the end of my learning.

I’m always learning something new.

For instance, right now I’m learning about making ideas happen.  Also, I’m educating myself on how being weird can be a good, good thing. Third, it’s amazing how non-linear narratives are changing the way my generation tells stories. And those are just the books I’m reading, not to mention the sites I follow and the conversations that keep my brain firing all day long. I get excited about new information, and I love to share what I’m learning.

So, no. I’m not currently enrolled, but my education continues.

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