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Monday Pep Talk

Today, shift your focus.

Shift your focus away from distractions and back to your purpose.

To your calling.

To your dreams.

Find a place to serve. Give some of your life away.

Be present.



Do both simultaneously.

Smile today.

Smile; even in the chaos.

Embrace the chaos.

Embrace being challenged.

Embrace being changed.

Did you think it would be easy?


Finding your purpose?

Finding it then living it out?

It’s not easy, and it was never meant to be.

Will you persevere?

Will you reject what is good to pursue what is great?

Pursue greatness and become greater.

Become better. Become more.

See your influence and vision expanded.

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Book Report: ‘Sun Stand Still’

I’ve been reading a very challenging, very encouraging book: “Sun Stand Still,” by Pastor Steven Furtick. It speaks to that part of you that craves more faith, more audacity, and more results from your spirituality. The title references a sun-stopping prayer by the Old Testament hero Joshua. Furtick uses that prayer as a template for embracing the vastness of God and His ability to do the impossible. I have a notebook that is quickly filling up with quotes, notes and various pearls of wisdom. Some are personal; unfit for the blogosphere, but there are some catchphrases and idioms that I found general enough to share. Check out Furtick’s blog here. Check out the trailer for the book, if you’re so inclined (Yup, books have trailers now).


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Take Another Step. Then Take Another.

I’m getting better about seizing opportunities that matter. I’ve learned to concern myself less with not failing and more with taking those simple first steps. If my life was a TV series, this current season is much more action-oriented and exciting —  less philosophical and sappy than the last.

Sometimes it is that simple. Sometimes victory is in the first step

I had a job interview the other day. I dressed up, drafted my current resumé, and drove down to the job fair. I filled out the paperwork,  waited in line, and sat through the interview, choking down my nervousness. For the record, the interview went well (I should hear from them soon), but I’ m most proud that I went through the paces, after so many days of….not doing that.

The results are the least important part. The most important part is preparing, showing up and then doing it again and again if necessary.

It does not matter if the goal is creative, physical, financial, spiritual, interpersonal, or occupational. We may not know the gigantic, world-changing, master plan, but we all have a step to take today.

Take a step. Then another. Then another. Then another. (So on and so forth).

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I met with some friends at a cafe last night. We usually meet once or twice a month to connect, update one another on current projects, or simply to trade book and film recommendations. We encourage each other, offering advice, ideas, or just listening ears. We share bits of our lives, hoping that iron will indeed sharpen iron, as the biblical proverb suggests.

These men are as good as my brothers. They applaud my successes, laugh at most of my jokes and keep my sometimes lofty goals grounded. They help me learn from my mistakes, and improve wherever the opportunities arise. I trust them to tell me when I’m off-track, when I’ve strayed from the path that leads to my best tomorrow.

Last night was a game changer for me. I heard some challenging words, but they were good words. I also heard support and love in those challenges.

We collectively hit the precise nerve that could change it all; we cracked the code, so to speak. Effectively, change is in the air. I came home feeling newly motivated. Driven. I even packed today’s lunch with a fresh intensity.

Eventually, I will replace all of this veiled excitement with full-tilt explanations (when it’s appropriate). Suffice to say, the me that is typing this now is not the me that I’ll be a year from now. The one thing that I’m absolutely unwilling to do is to stay the same.

So, here’s to brotherhood. Here’s to accountability. Here’s to the process of progress.

I’m eager to share my journey with you. Watch this space.

// GB //

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