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Book Report: ‘Sun Stand Still’

I’ve been reading a very challenging, very encouraging book: “Sun Stand Still,” by Pastor Steven Furtick. It speaks to that part of you that craves more faith, more audacity, and more results from your spirituality. The title references a sun-stopping prayer by the Old Testament hero Joshua. Furtick uses that prayer as a template for embracing the vastness of God and His ability to do the impossible. I have a notebook that is quickly filling up with quotes, notes and various pearls of wisdom. Some are personal; unfit for the blogosphere, but there are some catchphrases and idioms that I found general enough to share. Check out Furtick’s blog here. Check out the trailer for the book, if you’re so inclined (Yup, books have trailers now).


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Inspiration for Creatives

You have a gift.

Perhaps you have thought it was in your hands. It isn’t.

It is in your vision.

Your gift is not in the brushstroke, the pencil line, or the in the shaping of clay; it is in the seeing.

Vision cannot be learned.

Perhaps you thought your gift would make the art itself easy. It won’t.

It only makes it necessary.

As you struggle for breath, you will struggle to give your vision shape and form; to move from inspiration to incarnation.

Perhaps you have feared there is no room in the world for artists. There is.

Your gift makes meaning for others.

You inform them, entertain them. prod them, and provoke them.

You show them hope and truth.

Your vision and your work honor them.

You have a gift. Honor it.



(Source: Kansas City Institute of Art Course Catalog)


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New Year / New You.

What if you knew that 2012 was to be your greatest year ever? What if you celebrated every success, no matter its weight. What if you learned from every mistake and shared the lessons with others? What if you met New Year’s Day with an acute hunger to become, and not to acquire?   What if a New Year meant working to become a New You? A healthier you, a more prolific you, a you that is unashamed to play to your strengths? What if you fessed up to your weaknesses and worked to neutralize them? What if you believed in yourself the way that others do? What if you fed your spirit man more than your physical man? What if you invested in the lasting, eternal aspects of life? What if you invested in others? What if you did more legacy work and less reactive, redundant work? What if you learned how to truly rest? What if your lived not by a to-do list but by a to-be list? What if you were content? What if you knew that you already had what you needed to succeed? What would you try if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

Just asking.

// GB //

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