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Illustration 4.6.12

Happy Easter weekend.

Here’s an illustration I’m finishing for a future postcard. If you’ve never listened Maps and Atlases I’ve highlighted them before. The illustration depicts singer/guitarist Dave Davison belting one of my favorite tunes,“Israeli Caves.”

This was a fun experiment. It was my first time coloring a sketch in Photoshop in this particular way. The process was laborious, but it gave me some added flexibility in terms of colors and effects. I’d love to design some rock posters or a children’s book in this style.

I’d also love to know your thoughts.


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I hope your Christmas was an enjoyable day with family and friends. Me and mine had a lot of fun and a lot of food. More importantly, there was a unity between us that went unstated but it wasn’t unnoticed. There were several more of those “extraordinary, sacred moments” I alluded to last week, but enough of that drivel.  I wanted to share some of the homemade swag that my family produced. Most impressively, Mum made new stockings for everyone — including one for Millie the Shih Tzu princess. I made coaster sets for my mother and my big sister, as well as a painting for my little sister Asheley’s t-shirt line, Square Bear; the end product was moderately successful. Take a gander and tell me what you think.



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Join the Conspiracy

Admit it. We dread the holiday season. The endless shopping lists, the hustling in crowded stores, and the first-of-November bombardment of Christmas tunes make our time with family and friends less about celebration and more about survival. Americans spend $450 billion dollars annually on gifts that don’t mean much (electronic toys that are obsolete in 3 months, sweaters, socks and ties that are never worn), yet we’re pressured to gauge our love by how many dollars we spend.

This holiday season can be different. Check out this short video from The Advent Conspiracy, an organization that reminds us that the true reason for the upcoming season is Jesus and the relationships we nurture with those closest to us.

Their concept is simple, but perhaps not easy:

Worship Fully (Turn the focus back on Jesus and the Incarnation and away from obligatory spending and giving).

Spend Less (Make more gifts by hand, give the gift of your presence, make food and share meals with one another).

Give More (Use the money that you didn’t spend on Tickle-Me-Elmo dolls and invest it in a mission that will have a greater impact, like Kiva.org and Water.org or invest in your favorite charities to adopt local families that are in need).

Love All (Love those who are often forgotten this time of year, such as those in nursing homes or other care facilities. Look for opportunities to serve in the margins (homeless, at-risk youth, the ailing, etc).

To learn more about The Advent Conspiracy, click here.

Let’s make this year an extraordinary celebration. I’m eager to hear your ideas.


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2011 ART-CARD Preview

The 2011 holiday season is quickly approaching, and it’s not stealthy. Starbucks is already rolling out the holiday cups and decor and just this morning I saw workers installing the Mayor’s Christmas tree in at Crown Center.

This holiday season, I’m hoping to make/craft/create more gifts than I purchase. Consequentially,  I’m really excited to be working on a new batch of Art-Cards. What the blazes are Art-Cards? I’m so glad you asked. This is my third series of over-sized postcards that feature my artwork from the year. The images are representative of my interests and pursuits, and each card features a comment on the back side that shares my thoughts on the image. The series includes concert photos, illustrations, sketches and snapshots of art projects, quotes, and more. These cards are fully functionable– both as postcards and as art you can exhibit. You can mail to a friend, hang them on your wall, or use them as bookmarks — whatever. In the past, these cards have been a great way for me to share ideas that I normally couldn’t: a great memory of a concert experience, or a behind the scenes look at a creative endeavor.

Now, If I can only get them all done before New’s Years.

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