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Random Drawings: Miscreation #1

It’s been almost a solid year since I last posted. I thought I’d share a sketch I made with the iOS app Paper by Fifty-Three.

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Random Drawings

My hyperactive imagination seems to hijack my thoughts at the most inopportune times (during staff meetings, church, and less than exciting conversations). Additionally, I’ve loved to draw since I was a young boy. I am a notorious doodler and tinkerer. I used to add robots and jet planes to the illustrations in my first Bible. I couldn’t be bothered by the impossibility of Moses having robot canines on his rocket-powered Ark. So it’s not surprising that as a teacher, I often create wacky activity sheets for my students at the Boys and Girls Club to help them tap into their inner artistic weirdo. I thought I’d share the the sheets themselves and the examples that I worked up for them. Admittedly, I was just looking for an excuse to draw strange and wonderful faces, figures, and hairstyles*.

* All art created with pencil, pen, and markers. Shadows and backgrounds were added digitally.


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Illustration 4.6.12

Happy Easter weekend.

Here’s an illustration I’m finishing for a future postcard. If you’ve never listened Maps and Atlases I’ve highlighted them before. The illustration depicts singer/guitarist Dave Davison belting one of my favorite tunes,“Israeli Caves.”

This was a fun experiment. It was my first time coloring a sketch in Photoshop in this particular way. The process was laborious, but it gave me some added flexibility in terms of colors and effects. I’d love to design some rock posters or a children’s book in this style.

I’d also love to know your thoughts.


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New Store! New Coasters!

I’ve been wanting to launch a store on Etsy for a while now. It’s a great place for artists to sell their creations.  I’ve got a few items for sale in an attempt to ‘just do it’ and get the thing off the ground. Expect more creations and updates real soon. The store is called ‘Oh Rad! Makery.’ It’s a play on the title of this blog, and a word I made up (“makery” should totally be a word, right?)

The concept is simple. I make cool things out of common, everyday materials. For instance, the coasters pictured above started out as bathroom tiles. i have a lot of raw materials around my apartment, so I decided it was time to act. Call it creative decluttering, or profit-purging.

I want to transform the mundane into something magical. I want to change something insignificant into something inspirational.

I want to make you say: “Oh, Rad!”

Thanks in advance for the encouragement.

Visit the store.

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