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Monday Pep Talk

Today, shift your focus.

Shift your focus away from distractions and back to your purpose.

To your calling.

To your dreams.

Find a place to serve. Give some of your life away.

Be present.



Do both simultaneously.

Smile today.

Smile; even in the chaos.

Embrace the chaos.

Embrace being challenged.

Embrace being changed.

Did you think it would be easy?


Finding your purpose?

Finding it then living it out?

It’s not easy, and it was never meant to be.

Will you persevere?

Will you reject what is good to pursue what is great?

Pursue greatness and become greater.

Become better. Become more.

See your influence and vision expanded.

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Busy With Things that Matter

It has been a while.

At the start, I was all “Oh yeah. Read my blog Look at my art. Check out my favorite music. Read my deep and interesting thoughts. Be inspired,” and it was great. I tried to update the blog tri-weekly. Then bi-weekly. Then weekly.

Then, out of nowhere:



Zip, zilch, nada.

Well, I was busy.

I was busy doing the things I had historically only talked about.

I made some moves (philosophically, occupationally, and somewhat geographically).

Many of you have been busy, too.

Some have married, forming a team that will go further than you ever could alone. Some have had babies, expanding your influence and imagination into another generation. Some have lost loved ones, saying goodbye and seeing with clarity the value of our years. Some have started small businesses, realizing that the time to seize your dreams is always now. Some have started new relationships, finding muses and making messes. Some of us left your nightmare of a job and started a job that is less nightmarish, taking steps toward the job of your dreams. Some have gone back to school, investing time and dollars in yourself and your future.

Here’s to making moves.

Here’s to making your dreams a priority in your life.

Here’s to being busy with things that matter.

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New Year / New You.

What if you knew that 2012 was to be your greatest year ever? What if you celebrated every success, no matter its weight. What if you learned from every mistake and shared the lessons with others? What if you met New Year’s Day with an acute hunger to become, and not to acquire?   What if a New Year meant working to become a New You? A healthier you, a more prolific you, a you that is unashamed to play to your strengths? What if you fessed up to your weaknesses and worked to neutralize them? What if you believed in yourself the way that others do? What if you fed your spirit man more than your physical man? What if you invested in the lasting, eternal aspects of life? What if you invested in others? What if you did more legacy work and less reactive, redundant work? What if you learned how to truly rest? What if your lived not by a to-do list but by a to-be list? What if you were content? What if you knew that you already had what you needed to succeed? What would you try if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

Just asking.

// GB //

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I hope your Christmas was an enjoyable day with family and friends. Me and mine had a lot of fun and a lot of food. More importantly, there was a unity between us that went unstated but it wasn’t unnoticed. There were several more of those “extraordinary, sacred moments” I alluded to last week, but enough of that drivel.  I wanted to share some of the homemade swag that my family produced. Most impressively, Mum made new stockings for everyone — including one for Millie the Shih Tzu princess. I made coaster sets for my mother and my big sister, as well as a painting for my little sister Asheley’s t-shirt line, Square Bear; the end product was moderately successful. Take a gander and tell me what you think.



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