Illustration 4.6.12

Happy Easter weekend.

Here’s an illustration I’m finishing for a future postcard. If you’ve never listened Maps and Atlases I’ve highlighted them before. The illustration depicts singer/guitarist Dave Davison belting one of my favorite tunes,“Israeli Caves.”

This was a fun experiment. It was my first time coloring a sketch in Photoshop in this particular way. The process was laborious, but it gave me some added flexibility in terms of colors and effects. I’d love to design some rock posters or a children’s book in this style.

I’d also love to know your thoughts.


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7 thoughts on “Illustration 4.6.12

  1. C.S. Jameson says:

    I’ve always enjoyed watching your new stuff on Facebook. I didn’t realize you were doing a BLOG! YAY!

    I heart this illustration. It would be a great style to do a children’s book. That’s the first thing I thought when I saw it. Keep up the great work!

  2. spasticnontastic says:

    I think you should see larger prints of this on your Etsy. BAM! =)

    • Yeah, I’ve got over-sized postcards on order of this design. Able to be framed, but nothing too big. I’ve been meaning to ask you: Where should I get prints done in the future? Email me some ideas when you get some time……

  3. spasticnontastic says:

    I’ll shoot you an email! =)

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