St. Vincent: ‘Surgeon’ from The 4AD Sessions

Sorry Fleet Foxes. I know I voted Helplessness Blues as my favorite album/song of last year, but to quote the cast of Arrested Development, “I’ve made a huge mistake.” St. Vincent’s Strange Mercy is working it’s dark voodoo on me this weekend I hereby declare her the queen of indie cool. Lyrically, Annie Clark spills her guts, especially on “Cheerleader.” I’m relieved that she’s finally fessing up: (I’ve told whole lies/ with a half smile/ held your bare bones/ with my clothes on/ I’ve thrown rocks/ then hid both my arms). She’s easy on my eyes and ears. She’s a guitar virtuoso, simultaneously inspiring me to play my guitar or never touch it again. She’s cut her teeth playing with another one of my favorite sonic geniuses, Sufjan Stevens. It’s official:

This is high art, people.

For further arguments, I’ll refer you to her set on The 4AD Sessions. Watch this video and try to keep the awe to a minimum. There’s a breakdown/guitar solo 3:15 minutes into “Surgeon” that consistently makes me want to rock out.

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