Embrace the Process

Change is a slow process.

Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, vocational, or (especially) political, real change demands real persistence. If we could be honest with ourselves, we all struggle with the patience that is requisite. Sure, we can take a different route to work, or we might eat a different breakfast cereal, but deep, lasting change requires more grit.

I’m currently working on a new entrepreneurial endeavor. I’ll save the details for the official launch, but at the moment I’m still in the ‘product development’ stage. I’m ‘vision-casting’. I’m making. I’m packaging. I’m trying. I’m experimenting.

Frustration is frequent during these production sessions.  I’m reaching my limits as a creator more often than I’d like. I’m asking for help and advice more often than I anticipated. Ultimately, this doesn’t make my efforts less. It doesn’t diminish my ideas. It multiplies their impact. George Bernard Shaw put it well: “If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.”

Most importantly, I’m learning to embrace the process.

This has been a microcosm for all my dream work and goals for upcoming years. I know that my Maker is developing a new product in me — in  my character. I’m learning that I need to become more inclusive, more patient, and more interested in long-term lessons than short-term riches.

It’s a privilege to have ideas and goals that are beyond me. It is an honor to reach my limits because it that weakness forces me to encounter the One who knows none.

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4 thoughts on “Embrace the Process

  1. It’s pretty cool to hear about the process in the early stages. Frustration, to me, is one of the hardest things to overcome, but vision-casting sounds like fun. Btw, I think Kanye West actually said that about apples…

    • Yeah, I’m sure that Mr. West is accustomed to the creative frustration we all feel. For instance, he’s is only allowed to design a sneaker line for Nike every two years! That’s frustrating! Gotta embrace the process, Ye.

  2. So cool, Garrett! I’m really happy for you. Can’t wait to learn more. Pop over to my buddy Steve’s site at EndingtheGrind.com. I’m participating with 4 other bloggers/entrepreneurs in Steve’s program this year to set goals for 12 different aspects of our lives (one for each month).

    Feb is business/career goals. The 5 of us are publishing them on his blog, publicly and inviting the readers to watch along with what we accomplish. Might be inspiring for you to follow along.

    Either way, I’m so excited that you are creating and pushing yourself.

    • Thanks, Steve. We’ll celebrate even more when the ideas are fully executed and shipped.

      I’ll be following your collaborator Steve’s updates on ‘Ending the Grind.’ I’ve already learned much from his struggles and frustrations. Thanks for the heads-up about February’s focus on business and career goals. A big part of success (in my opinion) is letting others in on the lessons we’re learning.

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