Push Things Forward

It’s officially a new year. Individuals worldwide are trying to lose weight, quit smoking, and become more financially savvy, among other worthwhile endeavors. It’s all easier said than done, isn’t it? As easy as it is for us to make grandiose plans about change and transformation, it all comes down to individual moments. In essence, it is all about making small tweaks on a consistent basis, in hopes that when we ring in 2013 — we have made some positive changes and become our truer selves.

Personally, I’m aggressively trying to turn the page on old chapters of my story so that I can allow room for new ideas and opportunities. I need to build some momentum, bit by bit, every day. In part, that is the purpose of this blog: to share my ideas and processes, and to acquire a sort of “cloud accountability.” The more I type my thoughts and share them here, the more tangible my goals seem, the more concrete they become.

Expect resistance. It would be foolish not to. Every day when we tell ourselves that we’ll live differently than we have in the past, life will be quick to shake it’s head and say, “No, you won’t.” Rituals and ruts quickly seep back into our existences and before long, another month has passed —another year has come and gone, and we are no closer to our dreams.

Let’s make 2012 different. Let this year be the year that you make small changes everyday with the hope that those tweaks will compound into lifestyle changes. Read up. Educate yourself on how to accomplish your goals. Dig in and spend some time investing in the mental toughness that is required to make postive changes. Develop a mantra — or even a manifesto. Buddy up with those who can grow you — with the people who are strong where you’re weak. Chances are, you’ll add value to their lives too.

Let’s push things forward.

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