Celebrate the Extraordinary!

Every day we are faced a choice. Do we wallow in the mundane chores and necessities of life, or do we pause and take special notice of those details that are transcendent? Do we succumb to the pressure to compare ourselves to others, or do we express gratitude for the opportunities and gifts that we already possess?

I’ve been inconsistent in posting recently, but not for lack of trying. I often struggle to condense my days into 250-words blips and sometimes I simply refuse to. Some things are sacred. Some conversations are too vast to be blogged or to be shared on my “Wall.” Plus, I feel a stirring within. With one year ending and another quickly approaching, I’m spending more time thinking about the next season of my life.

I’ve had some extraordinary days recently and I’ll celebrate them here and now, albeit vaguely. In the last week alone:

  • I experienced dread-free work, for the first time in ages. I was working on a creative project last Wednesday and realized that I was actually enjoying myself– no boredom, no “I can’t wait to get home,” no dread. Just fun, passionate work. Call it an occupational epiphany.
  • Later in the week, I had dinner with some friends and it was rapturous.  Good food. Great conversation. None of it was banal or negative; it was all vast and upper-level stuff. The stuff of dreams. I could have chatted all night, but fatigue and carbohydrate-drunkenness set in. We called it a night after four and a half hours.
  • To cap it off, Sunday I was invited to a baptism of a friend and his wife. It was moving for so many reasons. I loved that the couple was immersed together, their spiritual trajectories matched if only for that moment. I loved the fact that I got to witness a celebration of faith— someone going public with their belief in a way that is uncommon in these times. Thirdly, I loved being treated like family. It reminded that we are all part of a tribe that is bigger than geography and genetics.

Life is extraordinary when you pay close attention. How will you celebrate it?


5 thoughts on “Celebrate the Extraordinary!

  1. positivework says:

    I appreciate the spirit of this post Garrett Brown. Keep finding vitality in the mundane and celebrating that which is good, engaging, and virtuous.

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I hope that spirit is something that I can maintain and build on, not just a year-end, warm and fuzzy feeling. I took a peak at Positive Work! That could be considered an oxymoron, but you and I know that it’s not. I think most people need a revolution in the way we see work and our jobs. You’re a sharp guy. Keep it up.

  2. Brea says:

    Great post! I’m especially happy you were able to experience the “occupational epiphany.” What a glorious feeling!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. […] unity between us that went unstated but it wasn’t unnoticed. There were several more of those “extraordinary, sacred moments” I alluded to last week, but enough of that drivel.  I wanted to share some of the homemade swag […]

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