Helplessness Blues

It’s been a while since I’ve shared music with you.

While this song isn’t new, it has been rattling around my brain, itching to be featured on the O/R blog.

If I had to pick ONE song to encapsulate my entire year, it would be Fleet Foxes’ Helplessness Blues. The earnestness and honesty of the track moved me tears upon my first listen (virtual tears, people). Sonically, it’s transcendent. Lyrically, it’s inspiring and affirming. The singer envisions a future where he works with his hands, doing something that is meaningful and literally fruitful. He longs to serve something beyond himself, but admits, “I don’t really know what that will be / I’ll get back to you someday soon / you’ll see.” I don’t know of any better summation of my personal mindset or the zeitgeist of my generation.

I adore this song. If you’re like me — in a stage of  redefinition and transition, take the time to listen to it. I’m tempted to include some lyrics here, but that may keep you from listening as intently. The magic really starts about three minutes in, when the tempo changes.

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3 thoughts on “Helplessness Blues

  1. spasticnontastic says:

    My favorite CD of the year. Fanfreakingtastic. =)

  2. This song had/has me seriously contemplating working on an orchard. Good choice. I look to you for musical leadership.

  3. […] Fleet Foxes. I know I voted Helplessness Blues as my favorite album/song of last year, but to quote the cast of Arrested […]

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