Thanksgiving is upon us. It’s the day we all stop and appreciate our blessings. It’s a bandwagon that I’m happy to hop onto. We could all stand to be more grateful for what we’ve been given. Don’t believe me? If you’re reading this post, you have two eyes that can focus, basic reading skills, and a mind that is sound enough to comprehend the meaning in these words (not to mention access to the internet).

Make no mistake. You are blessed.

If you have family close, take the time to be present with them. If they are far away, reach out and connect with a phone call or Skype. Slow your life down. Fellowship with friends and chosen family. Enjoy time with each of them. Eat together, tell stories, laugh and watch a movie together. If football is your thing, rock it out. Then eat some more.

Practice The Grateful Flow. List 10 things for which you’re grateful. Remind yourself of the friends who are always there, the fact that you can afford your next meal. And include your job. Granted, it’s not your ideal dream job, but where would you be without it?

Hit the pause button. Stop and count your blessings.

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