Black Cab Sessions: Feist

“One song, one take, one cab.” I’ve followed the The Black Cab Sessions for a few years.  This is a site that features on-location, as-is performances in the back of a London taxi cab. Ryan Adams, Beach House, My Morning Jacket, The National and Death Cab for Cutie have all recorded here as well as lesser-known performers: Fanfarlo, St. Vincent, Lightspeed Champion and The Cool Kids. There is so much to admire here. I love that way the camera floats around the cab, sometimes catching the musicians, sometimes just looking out the window at pedestrians and motorists (and um, horses). You sense all the turns and bumps in the road, as if you were there with the band. My favorite performances are those in which the musicians use the cab itself as an instrument (i.e. the gals using the roof of the taxi as a drum).

I can’t say enough about the amazing, raw talent of singer/songwriter/guitarist Leslie Feist. As a vocalist in rock music, she has few peers. She has a new album, Metals. Watch her and her band perform one of the new tracks,” Undiscovered First”. Feist and her backing singers end the song with a three-part harmony riff-off that truly showcases their skills.

We all sing our favorite tunes while zipping through traffic, but this is ridiculous.


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3 thoughts on “Black Cab Sessions: Feist

  1. spasticnontastic says:

    I don’t think I can get any cooler. Just sayin’ 😉

  2. […] week I mentioned Feist’ recent performance on the Black Cab Sessions. If you enjoyed the DIY concert on-the-go, the next logical step would be Vincent Moon’s Take […]

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