Edit Your Life

Anyone who is looking to live a happier, more meaningful life needs to watch “Less Stuff, More Happiness,” a TED talk about life editing by author and designer Graham Hill.

Hill’s central message — that by owning and storing less stuff, we can save money, decrease our environmental impact and be less stressed— is  a hard one to refute. One might quickly acknowledge the need to shed some items here or there (whether it’s by annual spring cleaning or the once-a-decade garage sale), but Hill challenges progressive consumers to “clear the arteries” of their lives, with the promise that they will have more freedom, more time, less debt and therefore less stress when the downsizing is done. The author’s 420-square-foot home/office is and multifunctional by design — a bed becomes a couch, a side table becomes a dining area for ten — and his how-to bullet points are concise as well:

1) Edit ruthlessly (think before you buy and trim the fat from our personal inventories).

2) Think small (small is sexy; buy things that nest, stack and can be digitized).

3) Make it Multifunctional.  He showed a sink that was combined with a toilet (uh, yuck), but also a dining table that expanded into a bed.

The author emphasized that life editing is “the most important skill of our century”, and that by doing so we can “make room for the good stuff”.

Watch the full talk below. For more on Hill and his Life Edited project, click here.

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