Definitive Creativity

James A. Pearson recently wrote a short essay on his blog about “Definitive Creativity”. It’s not even a full page long, but it gave me plenty to ponder. The premise is that most of us allow ourselves to be defined by what we consume (bands, movies, clothing, food), not by the content we actually create ourselves.

“….when you say you like U2 or Starbucks or TOMS or the local coffee shop, you’re really only telling me about them, about how great they are. But show me something you’ve made and I get to see how great you are.

Life is certainly easier this way, but as creators we need to push ourselves to be defined by what we create, not what we consume. Pearson’s thoughts are indicting; inspiration with a call to creative action. I love to share the things I’m enjoying — whether its new music, books or a great film — but I want to be a definitive creator, not a definitive consumer. I realize the irony in re-posting these ideas, but they really hit home with me.

Hopefully, the essay will inspire you to create this weekend as well. Read it here.

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2 thoughts on “Definitive Creativity

  1. Thanks Garrett! Honored to have my essay mentioned here in such a complimentary way. Very glad the idea resonated with you as much as it did with me. Glad to

  2. This is a wonderful idea, and as it should be. Thanks for the post and the link!

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