Synergy: Part Two

For my second group session at Synergy’s Youth Resiliency Center, we focused on community and teamwork. All that is good and truly beautiful in life is made even better when we live life engaged in community. We weren’t meant to be hermits, living isolated and diminished lives. We can never be reminded of this too often. To illustrate this truth, I made foam-board “community puzzles.” Every participant was given a blank piece to decorate — with words, colors, lines, patterns, shapes —however he or she saw fit. When their piece was done, they were encouraged to literally bring their unique piece to the table and see how they fit together. I love this project (special thanks to Reyna Smoker for the idea).  It’s always fun, challenging and offers unpredictable results.

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2 thoughts on “Synergy: Part Two

  1. Jamie Kelsey says:

    SUCH a cool idea! This might be a good beginning of the school-year activity when I start teaching.

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