Ask Yourself “What If?”

Ideas change lives. Ideas change the world. I just facilitated a creative meeting about shaping our personal futures. Some of our dreams are meant to be just that — dreams. Other dreams are so compelling, and so inspiring that we are driven to make them tangible. These dreams need to be married to hard work and actionable steps. One of my favorite thought leaders and futurists, Erwin McManus put it this way:

“It is, in fact, our dreams that energize us to literally go to war with reality.”

I kicked off the meeting with a brainstorming session built around the question “What If?” Here is author Don Miller explaining the impact this question can have:


2 thoughts on “Ask Yourself “What If?”

  1. Sheriip says:

    I’m in that war with reality! It is called FAITH in Action! Faith is the substance of things hoped for. The evidence of things Not Seen! I’m moving out, brother! We’ve got mountains in the way and they’re COMING DOWN! We are putting headstones on them and carving Grace, Grace into the stones where the mountain once stood!

  2. spasticnontastic says:

    What if I had a pet elephant? =)

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